Vincent Verbeek

Photo of Vincent Verbeek

Vincent Verbeek helps people and companies to obtain financing and achieve better results.


He is also a professional speaker and author of various business and personal development subjects. ‘I love to help people to get things moving for them.’

After working as an auditor and financial controller for large international corporations for a couple of years, I started my own business. The challenge was to start a business without any financing. This was an extremely valuable experience and it has made me a better entrepreneur and a better person. I write business plans for companies to obtain financing and I am a speaker at various events where I present business trends for different markets. I’m also the cofounder and current owner of Startersbox. This is a lead generation company which provides starting entrepreneurs with lots of benefits for their startup process. I love meeting lots of people on a daily basis. By meeting key cliënts in various companies, I’m aware of what’s happening in the marketplace and I have excellent opportunities to make new business connections. I try to connect people.


‘To get to a clear idea of what’s really going on. This is what I’m good at. People feel they can trust me and ask me for advice. I help companies and entrepreneurs to improve their results and achieve more than they ever believed possible. More sales, lower costs, achieving more in less time, and, most important of all, to create the right mindset. I’m at my best when I can perform in front of an audience. It is like my second nature. On stage I’m at my best.’

Proud of…

‘I wrote a consolidated business plan, which is the complete financial plan of a group of companies, with multiple scenarios for a multimillion euro project. This project has been financed because of this plan. I’m also proud when I can help people do things they previously thought they couldn’t do, or help them do things they need that simply never occurred to them.’


‘The biggest setbacks, for me, have been the dealings with some companies and persons in the past.  A lot of SME companies proved to be totally unreliable especially with regard to figures and financial estimations! This caused several disappointments during my startup phase. Due to this, there were delays and I needed extra investments to repair the damage that was done. My experience emphasizes the importance of double checking the figures and asking difficult questions when you have to make any decision on an important matter or a relatively large amount. I learned not to expect too much and that things may work out differently than planned or expected. If you take that into account, you can save yourself some major disappointments or even worse. It is good to trust people but you need to check on an ongoing basis whether people are keeping their promises and really remain trustworthy. This is particularly relevant when things you are trying to achieve are partly dependent on the promises, products or services of others.

Leadership is always present, when you don’t have it and you aren’t directing people towards achieving your goals, you’ll be following others to achieve theirs.

Beware of entrepreneurs who tell you you can set up a business without a carefully thought-through business plan – Would you invest a million euros in someone without a plan?

Expect setbacks, deviations from plans, delays, trouble, obstacles on your journey, customers that don’t pay etcetera. When you expect some failures in advance, you can use strategies that work in spite of all the things that can go wrong. Taking this into account from the start, you will ensure that these things cannot harm you and/or your business.


Future outlook

‘I want my company to grow into an international firm with many locations in multiple countries. I want to become speaker at various seminars, especially in the US, many of my examples are from the US’